Cleveland’s Horseshoe Casino Gets Spanked, While Revel Almost Goes Broke

Cleveland’s Horseshoe Casino Gets Spanked, While Revel Almost Goes Broke

Don’t mess aided by the Ohio Casino Control Act, the Ohio Administrative Code, or the Casino Internal Controls into the ‘Birthplace of Aviation’ state; they’re viewing you, and watching you closely. So the swank Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland is finding out, after being hit for a second time this season with fines for not doing things the kosher way.

The fine that is first a slot machine being released to the casino with unapproved computer software; that was merely a $15,000 hit, which to a royal vegas casino no deposit codes casino, could be just like a cop giving you a ticket for a penny. But now, the pricing is rising, after numerous additional and random violations were reported, and now the slap has moved to a spank with a total of $180,000.

Various Violations

Among the odd melange of wrongdoings were utilizing dice from unapproved vendors in Fortune Pai Gow poker; encouraging cocktail waitresses to come into restricted game pit areas; removing, storing and shipping three slot machines using their software (no indication of to whom or why this is wrong); and…drum roll, please…the worst sin a casino can perpetrate: neglecting to are the hotline phone number on their ‘When the Fun Stops’ problem gambling ads. Whoops.

Senior V.P. Not Extremely Concerned

The Horseshoe’s Senior V.P. and manager that is general Marcus Glover, wasn’t acutely apologetic about some of it, simply saying that ‘[we] have taken actions to handle the problems and embarked on significant training for personnel.’ With a 6.7% increase in the casino’s gross revenues between January and February (to $22 million), Glover’s probably not too worried about their task, regardless.


Meanwhile, over at the revel that is battered Atlantic City, brand new CEO Jeffrey Hartmann, who had been brought in to clean up the financial mess (and not a moment too soon, it would appear), has wasted no time doing what the President can’t: cutting costs. He’s been through his payroll, and determined that at minimum 83 of 3,300 employees are doing the same job that is essential someone else, and require to go. That’s only going to save him 2.5% of his payroll, though, and Hartmann says that is it for the time being, as he faces the other side of the coin and figures out how exactly to wind up revenues at AC’s newest and least lucrative casino.

Barely Saved from Bankruptcy

According to documents filed at bankruptcy court in March, Revel was times away from literally running out of money, if you can believe that could occur to a casino. Apparently a judge’s approval of the funding that is temporary for $250 million saved the time, and kept it from shutting down and going on the auction block. Word is, it wouldn’t have fetched much, by casino requirements anyway; somewhere within $246 and $331 million is all that has been projected for a feasible purchase cost.

Now Hartmann is incorporating a new nightclub that is fancy a lure to younger customers, presumably, and closing straight down some non-performing ‘celebrity chef’ restaurants in support of reduced class, but higher revenue-producing, eateries. Even though a portion associated with the casino has reverted to smoker-friendly, they now may be evaluating lifting the ban completely; apparently, gamblers whom smoke have more something or money like that. We are going to have to puff on that one for the short while to understand it.

Replica New York City Park Coming to MGM Resorts Las Vegas

Las Vegas could be the epicenter of all of the things replicated: the Statue of Liberty..the Eiffel Tower…pyramids and palaces…so why not add a replica nyc City park to the mix? We realize you’re laughing right now, thinking, a park? In Las Vegas? the desert where it hits 110 pretty consistently from through September july? Yes, a park. Get over it.

Naturally, you’d assume this might be planning to be described as a replica Central Park, the huge, sprawling greenway that divides Manhattan in half in the middle of this area. Well, you’d be wrong; MGM CEO Jim Murren claims the brand new $100 million park and general public promenade task, which will go up outside its New York-New York and Monte Carlo properties, will be based on Madison Square Park. You’ve heard of Madison Square Park, right? No? We have not either. Oh well.

New Era in Casino Customer Retention

Tends that the old days when gambling enterprises tried to keep you from once you understand just what hour, time or year it was are over; Murren says that ‘tomorrow’s client doesn’t want that limitation. They are a lot more spontaneous.’ Okay.

Murren added that the likeness to the NY park is significantly metaphoric; ‘We’re not going to try out Frisbee on the Great Lawn, but i’d explain it as a city park by having a dramatic boulevard,’ he stated.

The same as New York…Sorta

The park, which will extend down Las Vegas Boulevard (the Strip) around Tropicana Avenue, will lead customers towards a 20,000-seat arena that is also on the drawing board to move up between the two MGM gambling enterprises. Involving the two bits of construction, MGM will be using 10 acres to create this ode to outdoor city life. Adding to its inauthentic authenticity are things like a replica Brooklyn Bridge (minus the gridlock rush hour Manhattan exodus traffic, of course), an alcohol garden (something that strikes us as more Berlin-y than New York-y), and various casual nyc eateries, because there’s nothing Vegas tourists prefer to do more than pay three times the going rate for a Reuben sandwich. Construction is expected to be completed by late 2014.

Now, they should go down to Fremont Street and import some homeless people and drug addicts and scatter them hither and yon if they really want to capture New York. And they undoubtedly need some guys attempting to sell knock-off Chanel purses through the back of the vehicle.

Texas Gaming Reexamined; Trump Plaza Deal on Hold

Texas lawmakers whom for years have rejected measures aimed at legalizing slots and permitting full-scale casinos to be built in the state for which poker’s most game that is famous called may finally have to budge, following a study by the Texas Association of Business (TAB) showed that expanding legalized Texas gaming within the Lone Star State could generate an additional $11.8 billion in revenues annually.

It’s all rather ironic in the state that probably hosts more roller that is high games than you can shake a stick at. Or, possibly that’s the issue; they do not desire the competition. We hear a complete large amount of those games are pretty lucrative for the ‘hosts’.

Casinos Could be Allowed

If the bill that is new it through a Texas Senate committee hearing, it could enable for slot machines to be installed in 13 state racetracks, along with the creation of six full-scale casinos: three with Indian tribes, and three more in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. But even with the study that is big-ticket it isn’t a done deal; many previous gaming measures happen shot down.

Nevertheless the TAB will not decrease with out a fight.

‘For too much time, Texas has propped up neighboring economies during the expense of our personal; exporting jobs, revenue and investment as certainly one of only 10 states that prohibits casino-style gaming,’ said Bill Hammond, TAB’s president. Hammond says his group’s study suggests that building the six gambling enterprises could produce 74,000 jobs, add $3.4 billion in income, and generate that $11.8 billion in annual activity that is economic.

Where’s Trump’s Mortgage?

Meanwhile, back in Atlantic City, the Ca company which was preparing to buy Trump Plaza for 1/10th what Trump originally built it for 30 years ago, now says it is delaying the deal while Trump Entertainment scrambles to acquire a release of its mortgage that’s being held by its senior lender that is secured.

Meruelo Group has been in negotiations to purchase Trump Plaza since February, and offered $20 million, which is bargain basement casino prices by any standards, with the vow to pay about another $100 million on much-needed upgrades to the casino-hotel that is now-dated. The offer was the latest to indicate how badly Atlantic City is doing in the gaming department; Resorts Atlantic City plus the Trump Marina have also gone for close to nothing in recent years.

Deal’s Still On

Meruelo Group, which owns the Grand Sierra in Reno, Nevada, isn’t throwing within the towel yet on the deal, however. The company said in a statement that is recent it’s ‘heartened’ to see that Trump Entertainment offers an alternative in their mind to buy the Plaza later on within the year if Trump can get things squared up with their present lender. Meruelo says it remains ‘fully committed’ to the deal, and (for reasons only they understand), appears forward to becoming the main (endlessly failing) Atlantic City casino community.

New Poker Flick ‘Runner Runner’ Timed for Pre-WSOP Final Table Release

You can’t just make a movie anymore; you have to connect it in with some greater occasion to milk all the publicity you possibly can as a result. The writers of the poker classic Rounders have teamed up again for the screenplay of a new poker film called Runner, Runner, which will showcase the trials and tribulations of several Costa-Rica-based online poker sites, as well as feature megastars Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake with that concept in mind. And to obtain the absolute most bang for their buck, the film’s producers are cleverly arranging a release date of September 27, simply in time to build up lots of buzz ahead of the ‘November Nine’ of World Series of Poker’s final Main Event table hit ESPN and somebody walks away by having a cool $8 or $9 million.

An added bonus, if most of the stars align, is if Nevada’s online poker business happens to be kicked off at the same time.

Plot Overview

The film’s title, of course, identifies what happens once the final two community cards regarding the dining table in Texas Hold’em known as either the ‘turn and river’ or ‘fourth and streets that are fifth’ either make or break your hand, which type of sums up the glory and agony of poker in one single frequently used player expression. Timberlake apparently plays an university brainiac who pays his Ivy League tuition by grinding online poker cash games for a Costa-Rican site, while Affleck, we gather, plays the ubiquitous Russian mobster who has stated site. Affleck looks about because much like any mobster that is russian’ve ever viewed as Timberlake looks like a black man in the hood, but this is certainly Hollywood and hot dudes with bankrollable names draw investors, so we won’t quibble with this particular minor detail in excess.

On the Set

Although it’s likely to happen in Costa Rica, Runner Runner ended up being actually filmed in Puerto Rico, and makes generous and good usage of recent online poker history, with recommendations to Ebony Friday, recently indicted ‘poker princess’ Molly Bloom (who ran a few of the high-stakes games of which the film’s producer, Leonardo DiCaprio, ended up being apparently a frequent host, and at which Affleck was thought to be a frequent player). Within an odd ‘life imitates art’ twist, Bloom’s recent indictment was component of a much larger Department of Justice roundup of some 34 Russian mobsters with, whaddya know, some pretty extensive big-time on line gambling ties.

‘Twill be interesting to see just how Runner Runner plays using the masses, now that Black Friday is largely wrapped up; with Ray Bitar’s current $40 million cash and asset forfeiture, all the while as he awaits a much-needed heart transplant.